Leverage the Power of Social Media to Raise Awareness of Sleep Apnea to Your Local Community & Drive More Patients to Your Practice!

As professionals in the Dental Sleep industry we are all well aware of the statistics, the current estimation that around 20 million Americans are currently suffering from sleep apnea; but that around 80% of them go undiagnosed and are completely unaware of the damage being done to their health

The problem here has always been AWARENESS.  Not enough people know what sleep apnea is, let alone the ramifications of leaving untreated.

This is where social media, and in particular to the sleep industry Facebook comes into play.  There is currently no greater tool for accessing the community and raising awareness, especially given Facebooks advanced methods of demographically targeting those in the community who may be suffering from OSA.

At this point, most people in United States have a Facebook account.  And those that are our more the target demographic (middle aged and up) almost exclusively use Facebook and don’t much bother with the likes of Instagram or Snapchat.

So this is the perfect medium to launch a targeted content marketing campaign to not only raise awareness to the community but also to nurture and engage with it, all the while keeping your name, practice and branding right in the forefront.

So How Can We Help You Achieve This?

How can we help you grow and educate a following that turns into a great source for new patients?

The answer is with a comprehensive content marketing & advertising campaign.

The bottom line is we need to get compelling and informative content in front of those people in your area that are suffering with OSA and may not even know it, or may know it and haven’t don’t anything about it due to a lack of understanding how terrible it can be for their overall health.

So we went ahead and did just that by creating the #It’sMoreThanSnoring campaign, a comprehensive content marketing strategy utilizing Facebook that involves a combination of sharing articles and videos.

This campaign will help achieve a few very important things: educating the community while raising awareness and doing so while building the following to your brand/practice.

The campaign covers many topics that are essential for people to understand about sleep apnea, not only what it is but what it can do to your body when untreated.  As well as highlighting the amazing benefits of actually getting quality sleep and what they need to do to seek treatment.

The bottom line is your patients ARE spending a ton of time on Facebook and most of them are unaware of sleep apnea and its dangers!

So if you see the value of utilizing Facebook to create a following and drive more patients into your practice please fill out the form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

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