Sleep Physician Services

We offer a unique service to help Sleep Physicians network and build relationships with other local physicians. The goal with this program is to increase the network of referring physicians.

We do all the legwork to get physicians calling your practice looking for more information concerning sleep apnea.

It is currently estimated that around 22 million Americans suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, with 80% of these people going undiagnosed! As a sleep physician you are well aware of the health consequences of leaving this condition untreated. The problem is that not many people outside of the sleep medicine community really understand this, including the majority of healthcare professionals.

This disconnects here between the sleep medicine community and the overall healthcare community is something that needs to be addressed.  We at Sleep Apnea MD help sleep physicians take a proactive approach to this problem by helping them to establish new relationships with local physicians.  The goal of this program is twofold, to raise local awareness to this problem while increasing the number of patients being referred to your practice for diagnosis and treatment.

Our role in this process is to proactively help facilitate these referral relationships with other physicians in your area. This is achieved through a two-step process that is repeated every month.

We start with mailing out custom and branded newsletters, rich with informative articles about sleep apnea. These newsletters are mailed to a targeted list of physicians. After the newsletter is out we then follow up with calling the offices of these physicians. We call the offices with intent on getting you face-to-face meetings with these physicians. These meetings are your opportunity to create an impression on other physicians about your knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and treating OSA.

If raising awareness of sleep apnea and attracting new patients to your practice is a goal of yours then let us help you reach it.  Contact us today for more information.



Sleep Practice Branding

Elevate the look of your practice to a new level of seriousness in treating sleep apnea.

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Referral Program

Reach out to fellow physicians in your area through a highly targeted mailing program.

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Improve your online visibility & have your website appear first on popular search engines.

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