Are You Looking To Make Treating Sleep Patients a Larger Part Of Your Practice?

The Dental Sleep Medicine community is growing larger each year with more dentists seeing the benefit of adding the treatment of sleep apnea to their practices. Last year there were over 2 million web searches for sleep apnea treatment in the United States.

So How Do You Reach These Patients?

The answer is through a strategic and targeted marketing campaign; and not just any campaign but one that will set you apart from other dentists treating sleep apnea in your area.Sleep Apnea MD has been helping dentists market to get new sleep patients for over 5 years now and have developed packages suitable to varying levels of expertise and experience in Dental Sleep Medicine.

Web Searches for Sleep Apnea in the US
Sleep Practice Branding
Our packages incorporate many aspects of growing your brand and attracting more patients. We help dentists take the ultra important of branding and distinguishing themselves in sleep, separate from their dental marketing.This is very important to help attract new patients, not confuse patients and elevate the level of seriousness in treating sleep which goes a long way in forging relationships with physicians to get more sleep referrals.
Physician Referral Program

With our packages we use old school marketing tactics with the new age of digital and online marketing. We incorporate tried and true tactics such as mailing newsletters and making phone calls to local physicians, this helps to increase the number of doctors referring patients.

Combining our Physician Referral Program with the power of Internet through target search engine optimization and social media marketing gives your practice the best chance to start treating more sleep patients.

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