Physician Referral Program

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many successful Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners over the six years we’ve been in business.  A common element to each and every one of their success stories is having a solid network of local physicians who refer sleep patients, more preferably CPAP non-compliant sleep patients. 


Each month we take a two pronged approach, to increase your exposure, raise awareness, and directly engage with local physicians who are treating patients suffering from OSA. 

Each month we physically mail a practice branded (your practice) newsletter with information about sleep apnea & treating patients via oral appliance therapy.  This newsletter is sent out to roughly 200 doctors in your local area.  The doctors we mail to are Sleep docs, GP’s, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, and ENT’s (other specialties upon request). 

After the monthly newsletter is sent out then we follow up by calling the offices mailed to on your behalf in order to set up physical meetings where you the dentist can show and educate physicians to the effectiveness of OAT. 

This is a long-term marketing strategy meant to enhance your image to the local MD’s as the expert in treating sleep patients with oral appliances.  Even just finding a handful of solid new relationships can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. 

Please call us to get more information about the program and to see if your territory is still available, we can only accept one doctor in any given area.

Patient Acquisition Program

Our new program is 100% Pay Per Lead and puts you directly in touch with local patients seeking treatment.

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