Would you like to devote more time into growing your physician referral network, but can’t seem to find the time?

Throughout your busy day, finding the time to reach out to local physicians in order to build your OSA patient referral network can seem like a time consuming task.

If you want to grow your Dental Sleep Medicine practice through an increased referral network, let the team at Sleep Apnea MD save you time & get started today!

Our data team acquires a comprehensive list of names of physicians in your territory, and then constructs a thorough calling strategy. We make all of the initial phone calls needed to get the word out about your practice, and send monthly newsletters to keep your local network up to date on the services your practice offers. We want to be an extension of your team, working hard to help you grow your DSM practice.

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Monthly newsletters are sent out promoting the use of Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) as an alternative to CPAP therapy, with you as the local industry expert. All mailings are high quality, full color, and are printed on 70-lb paper. Each envelope is stamped with a real 49-cent stamp, and addressed directly to the physician.

The articles included come from reputable sources such as the AADSM and Sleep & Breathing Journals. The Nierman Physician Referral Program will make personalized calls on your behalf to the offices on your custom mailing list.


Sleep Apnea MD has state of the art equipment to ensure the best possible printed product for your practice.

With the Ricoh 5110s Pro, Hasler M3000 Paper Folder Machine, and Mach 5 Envelope Printer, we are able to get all of your printed materials sent out from our office, without ever having to bring in a third party company.

Ricoh 5110s Pro
Hasler M300 Paper Folder Machine
Hasler M300 Paper Folder Machine

Ricoh 5110s Pro

Hasler M300 Paper Folder Machine

Mach 5 Envelope Printer


We call the local physicians we are mailing on your behalf informing them of your OAT treatments our goal is to have them call you back for more information and/or set up a meeting. When we speak to physicians we stress that we are looking to coordinate care between both offices for their non-CPAP compliant patients, we never bash or down talk the use of CPAP.

 By facilitating these relationships it will promote your DSM practice to grow in your local market more effectively.

“I have been a sleep dentist for over ten years, and about five years ago I received a phone call from Spencer at Sleep Apnea MD about how to grow my referral network. I put my faith in them and gave them a try, and they rebranded my entire practice. Their team made so many calls on my behalf, which led to many new relationships with other doctors in the area. Their expertise in the field is boundless, and they handle everything from beginning to end. They have been extremely vital to the growth of my sleep practice.”
Dr. Richard Charmoy, DDS
Monthly Reporting

We provide updated monthly reports on the contact status of each physician’s office on your mailing list.

The monthly report offers a breakdown of all the tracked callbacks to your office from our efforts.


In addition to contacting local offices we will also help train your staff on how to best answer phone calls from the physicians calling back looking for more information. We provide a training manual and phone support with your office. We also offer monthly training webinars.

These webinars feature other successful dentists practicing DSM in addition to physicians who have developed relationships with dentists. This will offer you valuable insight into how to speak with physicians and what they look for in a dentist who is treating with an oral appliance.

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