Patient Acquisition Program

We see a similar recurring theme with so many dentists who get into treating sleep and even those who have been at it for a while.  They educate themselves and get their entire practice set up to begin treating sleep and then don’t really know what to do in terms of actually getting patients. 


Most dentists start with trying to mine their existing dental patient base for potential patients suffering from OSA. While this is a decent start for most, it usually tapers off and not to mention oftentimes the dentists find themselves trying to convince their dental patients they have a sleep problem. 

The best types of patients are ones that are either A) patients who are directly searching out your treatment and B) CPAP failures referred from physicians.  We have services targeting both, however this program focuses on those searching for treatment. 

By using the power of Google and those searching directly for treatment. 

Some of you may have tried doing SEO or PPC in the past unsuccessfully and that’s understandable.  We however have using Google Adwords dialed in for direct patient acquisition and are so confident in our ability that we ONLY charge you for the leads generated from the campaign. 

That’s right! You DON’T pay the cost for your ads! You DON’T pay a monthly management fee with no guarantee of results! You ONLY pay for the leads yielded from the campaign. We have removed every obstacle and risk on your end because we fully fund the ad campaign on our end!

Most companies managing Google Adwords campaigns will have their client pay a monthly management fee (typically $500-1000 or more) plus the client will have to actually fund the Google campaign.  All of this with no guarantee they will get quality leads. 

With SleepApneaMD you have none of that to worry about! There is only a small set up fee (there is a lot of set up involved to do this properly, including 15 landing page variations and video creation) and then you will be invoiced the following month for the previous months leads generated. Every lead is tracked so you know exactly what it is you’re paying for, everything is 100% transparent. 

We are currently the only company in the Dental Sleep Medicine community offering a lead generation service like this, if you’re interested in more buying sleep patient leads and would like to see if your territory is available please call us today!

Physician Referral Program

Our new program puts you directly in touch with local physicians seeking with patients who are non-CPAP compliant,

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