Protect Your Practice. Be ADA Compliant

In 2018 there has been a huge increase with the number of websites getting sued for violating the ADA guidelines for websites.  The Americans with Disabilities Act, is put in place to protect people who are disabled and to ensure businesses comply with their standards of accommodation for disabled individuals. This has recently become a big issue concerning the internet.  The vast majority of websites at this time are currently not set up to be ADA compliant.

Understandably many doctors and business owners are not aware of this issue. Sadly, the way in which they are being made aware is via lawsuit from firms that are aggressive in taking advantage of this situation……. the even sadder part is that many of these firms are winning their cases and getting thousands of dollars out of the unassuming website owners, who most of the times are local business owners who are busy running their business and have no idea about ADA compliance for their site.

To make matters more frustrating for most doctors and local business owners, is that it’s not exactly easy for someone with no web design/development experience to ensure that their site does meet the new ADA compliance guidelines.

As a website design & marketing company it is our duty going forward to ensure any client of ours building a site through us is made aware of this issue.  We are also being proactive and reaching out to many doctors to make them aware of this issue.

We can help you get your site up to date with the current ADA guidelines, we recommend website owners to be proactive about this, especially if you have a successful business.  These law firms are preying upon those who will be able to pay the lawsuit they expect to win.  So oftentimes they will look up sites in medical fields knowing they have a better chance of collecting.

If you’ve already been served paperwork from one of these firms it’s a bit too late for us to help you, at this point you need to contact an attorney for representation. However, if you would like to be proactive then please reach out to us to find out how we can ensure this isn’t a situation you will find yourself in.


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